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Still no way to resize image? Ridiculous


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Im at a complete loss as to why this still hasnt been added after YEARS of people requesting it.  Especially with the advent of better mobile device cameras, it gets to be more of an important feature everyday.  There either has to be some incredible technical limitation that doesnt allow them to do it, or they cannot figure out how to monetize it, so they wont add it.  I would absolutely pay for Premium if this was required for this feature. 


Whats even more rediculous is that you cannot even resize images in Skitch which is a program SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR ANNOTATING AND WORKING WITH IMAGES!  Also the fact that on a Mac it can be done in Skitch, so why not in Windows, means you are aware people want it.


If it cannot be done because of technical limitations--just say that, instead of the canned response you've been using for years-- "we are looking into adding that feature in the future..."

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