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Workarounds for editing notes with "unsupported formatting"

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If I am using the desktop and I can clip webpage content as "simplified article" through Evernote webclipper. This way if I access same note from Evernote for Android I can edit (mainly highlights) the text without problems.


However, when I clip a website from Evernote for Android the only option is to clip the full article to have access to the content. 


The problem is when I try to edit/highlight the content of this notes Evernote shows the message "This note contains some unsupported formatting" (screenshot:  http://www.evernote.com/l/AeabPgoI5HBEtJP-adol0QPSY4rQqWDGvAM/)


In this situation you can edit very small pieces of text one by one. What is worse is that after editing the text you need to choose "done" to keep the changes. When clicking "done" evernote starts over from the very begging of the note, making impossible to edit text in a sequence. 


If they exist, I would really appreciate any tips and workarounds for editing notes with "unsupported formatting" in order to overcome these annoying evernote for android shortcomings.


Many thanks,



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The workarounds for 'unsupported formatting' on Android are:

  1. simplify formatting
  2. remove formatting
  3. copy note content to a new note
  4. use a desktop to edit
  5. don't create long notes - make lots of small ones linked by titles or tags,  and then insert a new note where necessary at the edit point
  6. don't edit - make comments in new notes and tidy up on a desktop.
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Thanks for all the points!


a) simplify and remove formatting, is it possible to be implemented from the android app?
b ) "don't edit - make comments in new notes and tidy up on a desktop", do you mean to create a new note as a way to comment another note linking each other, or would it be possible to insert/attach comments in a note? Could you please give further information on this process?
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No,  sorry - you'd have to tag any notes the Android views as 'unsupported',  then simplify or remove on a desktop to make the content editable later. 


By 'make notes in a new note' I literally meant,  add another new note and give it the same title or tag as the one you want to edit.  Then add your comments in that new note - "Line 3 typo / change caps on title / meeting at 4pm etc". When you get to a desktop later,  you'd be able to make the changes you recorded in the original document.

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A suggested workaround:

-when reading an article on an Android phone that you want to save on Evernote tap Share > Evernote 

-go to new saved article on Evernote app and tap menu (three dots) > Simplify formatting > Save (check mark) 

Does that generate desired results? 

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