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Navigating search results + mismatched search results

Carlos Cadu

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I have a couple of issues regarding Evernote search for which I would appreciate help:


a) I am inserting the letters qq inside note body in order to fast localize later in the text questions "qq" I may have. However, I couldn't see ways to navigate the search results. I mean, Evernote highlights the text but I couldn't find "next" "previous" navigation to the exact part of the text in which "qq" is inserted. Can Evernote navigate through search results?


B) After searching by qq Evernote shows in the results some notes that doens't have qq inserted on them. Initially I thought the qq could be from the original source, but by doing a find text (ctrl + f) Evernote couldn't find any qq. I am wondering if this kind of mismatching in search results are common in Evernote, or if I should be aware of something to avoid such mismatching.


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Hi.  You may find that some documents generate hits in searches because of 'hidden' formatting codes buried behind the text.  Images also can generate a shopping list of possible words depending on their DPI and focus.  'House' may come up in a search for 'horse' because that's one of the options for the word in the image.


To see the 'next' and 'last' arrows you'd need to do a search-within-note Ctrl-F search.  The general search finds notes with one or more occurrences of the search term,  but leaves you to page through to see each one.

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