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Carlos Cadu

Accessing text content from an image. Possible?

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As showed in the following link, OneNote is able to access the text content from an image: http://www.evernote.com/l/AeaQes5H7pNMGZAmRW4F5E3s9Z8L1_uFwxg/


Regarding Evernote, I do realize it find text content stored in a image when I search, but many times I need to copy the content from an image, as do OneNote.


Besides just search, can Evernote access/copy text content from an image?





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I can highlight and copy typed text content from an image,  but this is one area where OneNote is allegedly better than Evernote.

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Thanks for answering!

I tested a workflow in which I took screenshot using Snagit or the Evernote in-built clip screenshot.

The image resulted image stored by Evernote can really be searched and its content is highlighted. This is the sample I am testing:


However, I could't neither highlight nor copy the text content from this image.

Any information how could I highlight and copy such text? 

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Apologies - I think I chose an image that was wrapped in a  PDF file,  so my own OCR might have added a character layer that I was able to copy/ paste from.  Just tried again with a recent JPG and while I can drag and drop the whole image,  I appear to have no access to any part of it.  Don't tell Evernote I said so,  but this is one case where you might want to install both OneNote and Evernote...

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