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New note windows quickly cascade down screen


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I have the latest Premium EN but recently I have noticed that suddenly a new note will open automatically then another and quickly many will cascade down the screen and then I have to turn off the Win 7 Pro box as it becomes totally unresponsive.


I have reported this many times in the panel which comes up and left my email address, but no one has got back.


This driving me nuts as it was fine before.


I think it only happens on this machine so maybe it is something to do with it and the way Evernote reads it.


This does not happen to any other program, they all operate as they should. It is only Evernote.


I am in IT so I have many windows of programs open some times especially in Firefox.


Any help pleae?










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Wow.  Impressive screen.  Best first suggestion (all together now...) is to uninstall / restart / re-install the app.  Some important cogs may have become disconnected after repeated updates,  and a clean install may do the trick.  If you've been paying attention around here you'll know to backup your databases folder somewhere safe just in case.  If that doesn't work,  come back and we'll try something else...

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Thank you for your reply.


I have located the folder, 'Evernote' in Apps and saved the whole thing, just in case. :-)


I will now attempt to see how to uninstall and reinstall.



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Well, looks like it went okay.


I uninstalled 5.8.4. and installed


All notes look like they are there.


Let's hope my prob has gone. :-)


Thanks for the help..



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