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Extreme slowdown when editing large notes.

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Text entry and cursor movement becomes extremely slow on even slightly larger notes.

I thought it was just my ancient Droid phone, but I am having the same problems with my new Galaxy S5. The slowdown becomes more pronounced when using Minuum keyboard. Phone is otherwise snappy as heck--no general slowdown.


A note of 8000 characters becomes quite unusable.


This is not unique to one particular note, it is fully reproduceable.


It happens with plaintext notes, non-clipped.


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Hello @tpowell,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. In order to see what could be causing this I would recommend submitting a ticket to us. The information can be found in my signature. As soon as we have received the ticket we will work to see what could be causing this.


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Hi @tpowell, I've had this a few times with biggish notes on my Galaxy Tab 4. Two fixes are make them shorter, or use the simplify formatting command (which will often mess with your formatting).

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Hello folks,

@54pete you are right about those two options. One other thing to look for would be differences in the formatting between the two Evernote applications used to make your notes. Removing strikethrough text is another option that often helps with this.

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