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How to control the image that is displayed in Snippet view?

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I'm using Scannable from an iPhone 6 Plus to create an inventory of my book library. I capture 2 images per book (front and back cover) and store each scan as a PDF. I've captured about 100 PDF's so far and all but one note shows a thumbnail of the first page of the PDF in the Snippet view. However, I have one note whose PDF shows up as a generic PDF thumbnail (see attached PNG image) vs. a first page thumbnail.


Any idea how I can get this note's thumbnail image to refresh to the first page of its attached PDF? All my PDF's are show inline vs. collapsed. There's nothing special (that I can see) about the note in question.







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I was wondering the same thing. I have some PDF images locked into the wrong image when they were created. Updating the PDF doesnt help from the App that creates these on my phone. I guess this is a feature request for something akin to a pull down menu option to refresh the thumbnail image. It is worth adding your vote or voice to this post 


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Hi Everyone,

There currently is not a way to choose which image is displayed in the Snippet view. I encourage you all to post your feature requests for this in the Product Feedback thread above.  I'm going to lock this topic as there is an existing thread on this. Thanks for your understanding.

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