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Add additional recording to Audio Note

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Until a few days ago I could create an audio note on my 'phone, record a few words, stop, walk some more, edit the note, add another recording - and so on.  I was using this to record bird sightings while out in the field.  I now find that although I can create my initial audio note, I can't add any more recordings to it.  Has this useful feature been deprecated?






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Hi - user forum here,  so if you're a premium user looking for a reply it would probably be best to raise a tech support query after logging in here - https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action  - (That includes chat option).


Devs do read these posts,  so you may get a comment in due time - meanwhile,  provided you have no unsynced notes,  I'd suggest uninstalling / restarting and reinstalling EN on your device,  just in case the update somehow caused an issue.

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