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I bit of a rant here.


This new "Do" product, I downloaded it to my phone, saw there were some EN items to work with and found two, email me my current location via a google maps picture and a link, or send to EN the same.  I set them up, and in two clicks each button, I did just what they said they would do.


With the exception of the email the note, the only data I had to enter in was my email address.  Why?  They shoot off a 640 by 480 screen shot type image at a zoom level that is not very good, and then the link goes to a static image of the same.


How about when I am setting up the Do button, let me pic the size of the image, and the zoom level, and use the url that just searches on long and lat if you can't figure out how to link to the google maps, or leave a field where we can enter the google maps service we want to default it to your static image based one.


It is useless as it stands other than I can copy the lat and long and search those out myself.  I wanted to use this when I traveled and push the button in different cities and towns and such.  It would not be a good "scrapbook" as it stands.

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