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simple summary hack feature request

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I saw Asana did this neat little hack that you can optionally enable.


in the subject line (or topic on evernote you can add a number in square parenthesis like:


note1: tag: car, expenses

repair car [100]


note 2: tag: expenses

wedding [1000]


It would be great if one could then see tags and notebooks displaying the sum of all numbers that are in the header of all relevant notebooks, e.g. for tags:


car [100]

expenses [1100]

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That's an elegant little trick Asana can do. 


Just a couple of thoughts to achieve the same results in Evernote currently:

  • If all of your notes tagged with "Expenses" already have the figure in the title, you simply need to filter for the "Expenses" tag
    • From that point, whether you choose to enclose the figure in square parentheses, it would simply be a matter of styling
  • Tag the title of each note you want to appear in any context with a unique, alphanumerical  home-made tag/ keyword: xp/ xEXP...
    • Use the search operator "intitle:xp" to filter for notes with that specific keyword in the title - in any tag or notebook context.
  • Create a reminder for all notes with the expense figures in the title, then filter by tag/ notebook... and those notes will be pinned to the top of the Note List, grouped together (on desktop) in the Reminders list - or by accessing the alarm clock icon in any context on mobile device. Remember that the Reminders List is another context one can filter for.


Quick question... are you saying that Asana simply filters those numbers enclosed in square parentheses to display them in a filtered list... or that Asana actually calculates the sum of the numbers (1100 + 100 = 1200)?

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Yes Asana does calculate the sum of these. 


From a programming standpoint its really easy to implement I bet. You could have square and curly brackets to be able to keep track of expenses and time for example


notes as:

title [cost]{time in hours}, (tags)


Buy concrete [100](stairs, home, shopping)

wood beamsBuy concrete [50] (stairs, home, shopping)

Build stairs {2} (stairs, home)

Repair car [200] {1} (car, home)

Help John {3} (home)



stairs [150]{2}

shopping [150]

home [350]{6}

car [200]{1}

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