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Tag search in the Chrome Web Clipper isn't fully functional



When clipping stuff from the internet by using the Chrome Web Clipper, I always try to be as accurate as possible. This means I select the proper notebook and tags and even write some remarks for the note.

Yesterday I discovered that the tag search (or tag auto completion) isn't working for 100%. If I start typing parts of loose words the Web Clipper will find the tags and I can select them. However, words that are preceded with a hyphen aren't found by the Web Clipper. I have project tags that start with pa- for Project Active. Full syntax could be pa-groceries. If we take the example of pa-groceries: If I see something interesting for tonight's dinner on a website and I want to clip in for the groceries project, I would search for groceries. The Web Clipper doesn't find this tag, even when the word is fully spelled. The only way to find it is to start with pa-gro... Then the Web Clipper finds my pa-groceries tag.

If I have another project, for instance pa-paint the house, and I search for the or house, the Web Clipper successfully finds the full pa-paint the house tag. Searching for paint gives no results.


I wonder of the use of the hyphen could be the same as the use of the dot. If I have tags with a dot in it (e.g. 2.Now) I can search for the word after the dot and the Web Clipper successfully finds it.




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I have seen other reports of problems with a dash/hypen in the tag name.

I have been using periods (".") for several years now without any issues.


Of course one of the great things about Tags is that they are easy to rename.

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I think I'm going to rename my tags as well, so I only use periods as separators. However it still is an issue and I think Evernote devs should look into it. (Is there even time for it? :P )

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