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How to make Android EverNote to load all note updates to make them availavle offline?

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It was badly surprised me that EverNote on Android is not able to load all note updates by one chunk during synchronization! 

So, to have all my latest notes with me I have to click every note in a list to make it loaded. That is really looks deadly bad! :-(


When I face such stupid and user-unfriendly behaviour from EverNote side I got a desire to develop own software to replace EverNote.


Here is my question then - is it possible somehow to make EverNote to load all note updates by one chunk during synchronization?

I mean - the work scenario must be following:

  • turn WiFi ON
  • start EverNote, click [synchronize]
  • turn WiFi OFF
  • click any note in a list to read it. 
    So, it must show the latest note revision whithout any attempts to load it from network! 
    There must be no any attempt to load a note because it must be ALREADY LOADED by ONE EXPLICIT SYNCHRONIZATION.
    I mean - not a "background synchronization", because any "background synchronization" is UNPREDICATBLE - nobody can tell when it started, when it finished and how much time does it need.

Is it possible?

Is it supported at all?


Just to show you how current version of EverNote is user-unfriendly I describe my current work scenario for you:

  • turn WiFi ON
  • start EverNote, click [synchronize]
  • click every note in a list and wait until it load latest version.
    Taking into account native problems with WiFi support on Android that could makes me waiting and trying again and again about 20-40 minites.
    Usually I have 7 to 10 notes updated, some of them are long (~100kb), some very small. Small notes usually loaded fast, but big notes (up to 100kb) may have problems - only 2 or 3rd attempt loads it. And all this time I have to sit over my device and clicking, clicking, clicking... until all notes I need to have with me loaded.
    But all the time there is the same problem - [synchronize] button is only load header, it does not load notes.

As you can see current version of EverNote generating huge time wastings!

That is why I got this question about ONE TIME, FOREGROUND, FULL SYNCHRONIZATION.




PS. My device is SGS3 (Samsung Salasy S3).

I have Premium Everote account for last 2 years. Unfortunately, premium account seems does not help to solve problem with syncronization. :-(

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Thank you. Seems it works fine.


Only once advice to EverNote team then - there must be a button [Make All notebookds Offline]!

Because clicking all 20 notesbooks one-by-one and click [Make Offline] for each that is a bit silly

If you use Evernote heavily, you won't want all your notebooks to be offline ones. I have around 15,000 notes most of them with PDFs attached. I doubt my phone could hold close to all of them. 


What I do is put notes I absolutely must have at any given time into a notebook I call "mobile." Most of the time this has under ten notes. Even when I go on a trip and want all my reservation information in it, it rarely exceeds 20 notes. 

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