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Element cannot be edited

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I have a table which has checkboxes in it.  I can edit the cells just fine on the Windows client, but when I try on my Android device, I get the padlock icon with the accompanying message, "This element cannot be edited with this editor."  I've seen some posts several years old describing this same problem, but I haven't found a solution.  Is there a fix for this yet?

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The latest EN Windows (5.8.5) includes some table and editor changes that might help - if tables are still an issue,  try copying and pasting the content of that note into a new one.


I'm running at present.  The issue persists, even when I follow your recommendation.

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I was thinking that copying the details into a new note might invoke any new table coding that has been introduced since it was set up.  If you create a blank table note on your desktop,  is any of that accessible from the Android?  If not,  the best I can suggest for the moment is to make additional notes in a new note linked to the original by the title or tags,  and to edit the original further once you get back to the desktop version.

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Also receiving the same error and running into the same problem. Am on the same version as OP and I presume the latest version on my phone as I have Google Play auto-updates enabled.

Have submitted a ticket with Evernote will report back if there is a solution.

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I am encountering the same problem.  I created a table that includes lists of text, some indented, some not.  The interesting part is that two cells can be edited (top left and top right), but cells between and below those show a padlock when I attempt to edit the note.  I did nothing different in each cell; I typed directly into some and copied and posted batches of text in other places. 

This is my master To Do list, split into work, home, personal project, and trivial/miscellaneous lists.  I need to be able to add to these cells, no matter where I am--that's the whole point, after all.


Evernote on Windows 8.1, just updated today

Evernote on Android on Galaxy Tab S2 and Samsung Galaxy S5


Everything is up to date.

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Hello @dianadiehl1

Thank you for posting and welcome to the Evernote Forums. In this case I would first see if Evernote for Windows Version: is the one you are currently on.

If so, this version needs to be updated, as we are on version This can be installed from www.evernote.com/download

As for the Evernote application on Android not allowing you to edit content inside of the note, I would suggest creating a support ticket and we can further look into this.

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