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Can't email out of EN anymore


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I have always liked the ability to email a note out of EN.  After some update ( a while ago), it stopped working.  First, it became harder to even find where "email out" was, then when I do it (looks same as before--the Mac email pops up and I add the address then click "send") it seems to be working, i.e., I get no error messages.  However, when I check my inbox (where I sent the email), there is nothing there, or anywhere, e.g., nothing in "all mail".  Like I said, it used to work.  Any ideas?

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Hi.  Difficult to comment on why email doesn't work.. have you tried sending a normal email (outside of Evernote) to check that the email process is working properly,  then re-send something from Evernote.  Do you have an alternative email address you could try?  Check spam folders!

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OK, I got it.  Not is spam, but elsewhere where not expected.


Request to EN:  Allow for an email icon in the toolbar.  As i recall, you used to have this feature.  Using the menu is a pain.

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