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Alphanumeric Ordering of Stacked Notebooks

Russell Swanker


I'm pretty sure this has been discussed before to some extent, but my searches haven't turned up exactly what I'm looking for.


I was trying to order Notebooks in a stack by prepending their name with a number, for example:


1 Notebook name

2 Another notebook name


This worked fined until I got to number 10, which Evernote now wants to make first. Changing the 1 to 01 doesn't change things; changing the 10 to 11 or 101 doesn't change things...


I know there's programmatic reasons why things like this happen, but its not how humans order numbers. Anyone have any insight or tips to help me wrangle a similar outcome?

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I've been down this path many times, and have found it helpful to leave room for insertions.

So, for example, instead of using "001, 002, 003, ..." you might use "005, 010, 015, ..."

Then, if you need to add a NB between 010 and 015, you can use 013 (or 012).

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Hi - if you go to the right number of digits you should be OK.  If you want up to 100 notebooks,  start out at 001,002 etc;  for 1,000,  it's 0001, 0002.  That's just how computers think.

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Thanks for your response...I figured there's some workaround I'm missing....so I took your advice (I think) and renumbered....


001 Notebook name

002 another name 




But still when i get to "10" I'm stuck...right now I have "010 notebook name" and its still appearing first in the list. Changed it temporarily to "100 notebook name" and its STILL first. 


Any ideas?




PS: I hate when our software is limited by how computers think, when I know we can program them differently to behave how people think. :)

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