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5 ways to use Note Links, Evernote's secret weapon for getting organized

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Learn the benefits of using Note Links in your day to day Evernote use in this wonderful article from PC World: 




This article features: 

  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Referencing notes in a presentation
  • Contextualizing your calendar
  • Supercharging your To Do list
  • Bookmarking your favorite notes
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I'd be interested in how other people make use of the link feature.  I can add to the original list

  1. Simulating the word processing outline feature
    It works somewhat the same by creating sub-documents and using the link and back arrows to expand or contract text.
  2. Creating a shortcut on my desktop for some specific notes (for example my daily journal/todo list)
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Two things beyond TOC and simple linking fro one note to another.

  1. I use FollowUpThen for email interrupt reminders.  If a note is involved, say a tax payment, I will Ctrl-Copy Note Link and paste the link into the body of the email I send to FUT.  Then at the appointed date and time when the email arrives I click on the link and am taken to the note with the payment information.
  2. Sometimes on a phone call there may be a few notes that are a part of the discussion.  I paste the links to those notes in the phone template prior to the call and then everything is at my "fingertips" during the call.
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