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How can I save new posts from the chess24 Facebook page to Evernote using IFTTT

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The website chess24.com has a Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/c24live?fref=nf. I have subscribed to Notifications that show up in my newsfeed.


I would like to have IFTTT automatically send any new Notifications from this Facebook page to my Evernote account.


I cannot figure how to do this. I see how to get posts from a Facebook Group automatically sent to Evernote using IFTTT but I do not see how I can make a Group that contains chess24 because it is not a person. When I try to make a Group, it shows only my friends as candidates for participation in the Group.


Any help much appreciated.



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Only thing I can think of to suggest is that my Facebook Notifications generate an email too,  which contains most of the content plus a link to the original - you should be able to forward those emails to Evernote without too much difficulty.

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