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Can Evernote at a comment function for text?

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Would the great folks at Evernote consider adding a feature where text can be highlighted and a comment added to it? The comment would become visible whenever the arrow hovers over the commented text. This would help me keep personal editing notes, like other word processors let you do, i.e.  MS Word or Apple's Pages. 

It would change my life. Seriously.

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Feature requests get read but not usually commented on,  so Evernote staffers wll take your suggestion on board - meantime though there's no reason why you can't attach a Word or Pages file to an Evernote note and get the best of both worlds...

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... or if you have a Mac, you can hit the "Annotate entire note as PDF" button. If you're on Windows, you would have to create your own PDF and pop that into a note... and then get busy annotating. You can export the PDF with or without the annotations. 


I do a lot of annotating of PDF ebooks in Evernote, especially productivity books. The annotation summary is pretty darn useful. I think it's a premium feature, though... not 100% sure.

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