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Scannable & Privacy


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My office is interested in using Scannable to quickly scan a lot of documents straight onto our iPads. However, many of the documents in question are confidential. Are the scanned documents transmitted elsewhere (meaning sent to anywhere else other than the local storage on the iPad device) in any way, shape, or form? Is the Scannable app safe for usage such as this?


(Probably a question best answered by the Evernote/Scannable team).





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Hi.  The Evernote/ Scannable team aren't here right now - this being a user forum and a holiday weekend;  plus individual and specific answers to queries are reasonably rare.  However as a mere user - are your scans going into Evernote,  or to a folder on your iPad?  If to Evernote,  then they'll be synced online with the central server.  If purely to a local folder,  then they won't.

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Hi Travis


In regards to confidentiality, I'll say I'm no lawyer and can offer no legal advice. I can talk about the document flow from a technical standpoint, as the application is today.


There are 2 cases where the document is sent to external servers. Both cases require the user to be signed in to Evernote in the Scannable application. You can check sign-in status in Settings. 


The first is where the user has signed in: and has Evernote auto-save turned on, or explicitly sends the document to an Evernote notebook. In these cases the document is sent to Evernote servers into the users account, and the blue 'success' screen appears.


The second case also requires the user to be signed into an Evernote account. This scenario is one where the document is deemed by the application to be a business card, based on data including aspect ratio and size. In this case, this image is sent to Evernote servers for processing, so that Evernote can can provide high quality OCR of the business card details. In some cases, the Evernote server will use the results to say that in fact the object was not a business card. If business card details are found, and IF the user has additionally signed into LinkedIn, then some of this information is sent to LinkedIn for the purpose of looking up the business card owners LinkedIn account.


Evernote's Terms of Service are here: https://evernote.com/legal/tos.php


You may notice Scannable automatically corrects documents orientation based on text. This OCR is done inside the application and is not sending the document to a server.


I hope that helps.

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