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Problems with new update re: clipping


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Hi folks,


I just checked for updates on 4.6.2015 and evernote offered a new update.  After trying to download the new update, there was a pop up box that told me that the update might not install correctly and gave me 2 options - to either disable clipping or install a version that was more compatible to my operating system.   I  do not want to disable clipping - I like clipping - Please tell me what to do here - should I update the program or not?  My operating system is win 7 home premium, running ie 11 and firefox 37.0.1.  and my current  Evernote version is (275193) Public. 


What is the story with clipping and the latest update?





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Hi.  I've not seen that pop up box - any way you can generate it again and capture a screen shot?  I do know that every time Evernote installs it wants to close down and delete the old version before installing the new,  and as part of that close-down and uninstall,  there's a pop up window that says if I close Evernote I'll lose any clipping functionality.  Is that what you're seeing?  If so,  don't worry about it.  All the clipping functionality will come back with the newly installed version.

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