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Simple notes and formatting (Quip.com-like notes)

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It would be really  awesome if you could take simple notes with quick, quip-like formatting. The current editor is really heavy and slow to use since most of my use cases are simple and quick note taking, not producing heavily formatted Word-like documents.  Basic and consistent header formats like H1 H2 H3, etc.


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I'm not sure exactly what you want Evernote to provide.  IMO, it is a long, long way from MS Word-like formatting.

Interestingly enough, the header formats you call for ("H1 H2 H3") are analogous to Word Styles.


"Simple" is a relative term I suppose, because IMO EN does provide for simple, quick note taking.

It provides all of the standard character formats with shortcut keys, and for simple list formatting using bullets and numbers.


But though I would not call it "simple", I agree that having user-defined styles would be very useful.

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