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It's been a few weeks, and I don't know if I can trust Evernote

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I have been suing the free version of Evernote for a few weeks, paid for a single month as I ran out of upload space.  Not a big deal.  Here are a few things I am worried about that I have not seen addressed in any format way, or the workaround scare me a little.


I read the post by the CEO that was made just at the end of 2014 in response to a blogger, he had some corruption issues and EN CEO was there to set people at ease. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/01/04/on-software-quality/


I have seen probably 5 people post or have to deal with lost or corrupted notes.  I am afraid to put notes in.  I dropped 10 in, and only 8 made it, I was lucky as the list didn't look like 10, so I checked, and fixed it, but I don't want to check, I want to get stuff in, get back to work.  I will find it later when I need it, but I need to know it is there.


Corruption, I feel I have to go through every note every week and make sure it is not corrupted, and if so, find a way to recover it from a backup. Basically, I have lost the faith in the app that I can just use it and move on, I feel I have to babysit it.  What really worries me is the support. In most cases, the user gets their data back, how much other data is lost, you would have to check.  But support just says "your welcome" and the user is happy to have their data.  Were I in charge of support, I would want copies of their corrupt files, and I would want to make sure that this was tracked down and fixed.  Data integrity is paramount.


What is the suggested method of dealing with things like bank statements where you have groups of years.  I have a Notebook that has sub notebooks in it of for example bank1, bank 2, bank 3, etc.  I can't then do 2015, 2014, 2013, etc in a sub category of those notebooks.  I could do "Bank 1 2015, Bank 2 2014, etc.  What is interesting and frustrating is the import order is seemingly random, it certainly is not by filename or Finder order.  Some of the files names are dates that have slashes in them.  I did not put them there, that is how they were downloaded from my bank.  I don't use slashes in filenames, but the OS handles it, so should EN.  Instead, EN converts them to colons, which my OS does not allow in the Finder, and makes them look like timestamps.  Lots of work to organize all this.


I am looking at Evernote as almost a email client, folders on the left, files in the folders.  Am I looking at this wrong?


Inability to split merged notes, and the table of contents feature will eventually get dead links that I am unable to fix.  Perhaps this is being petty, but the Table of contents and even the general template for importing a note has a bit to be desired in the aesthetics department.  Honestly, this forums has more type control than EN.


In the above, where I am bringing in mass amounts of PDF files from bank statements, there is no way to bulk tag them.  I could just drop all Bank1 statements for all years on one notebook if I could select 12 of them and tag them as 2014 or bank-2014, or something like that.


Sorting, is it global, per notebook, depends on the platform, etc?  Platform parity, that should be on the top of the list as far as desktop apps, same for mobile apps, they should try to reach parity, not with Desktop, but with other mobile apps.


I am going to go and try to find a way to organize things that work for me and not delete the originals at this time, but would like to hear from long time users and how their "Trust" levels are. because right now, I am not feeling it. Looked at OneNote, and honestly, a few things, I had to sign up online to try it out, and it takes forever to open.  That alone, kinda killed it for me, but once in it, it was not intuitive enough that I even knew where to begin.

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Personally I haven't had any corruption issues in my 6 years of EN, though some appear to have.  A good backup strategy should help to offset those fears to some extent.


Relative to you statements question, my method is to have a tag called Statement and a tag for the name of each institution, BofA for example.  I also have a set of tags F2015, F2014, ... etc. that I use when I what to tag a note with a year.  I don't use that with statements though since I put the date of the statement in the note title.


Don't know that you are looking at it wrong relative to the folder metaphor, but you are limited to 250 notebooks which can put a crimp in a nested folder approach where folder equals notebook.  Do a search on the forum for the use of notebooks, tags and keywords to get more input than you might want.  I use tags with few notebooks.  Others have methods they will be willing to share with you.  Important thing is to find something that works for you which may require a bit of "playing".


The way to bulk tag bank statements is to scan the same bank consecutively to an import folder and then Shift click a selection and hit Shift-Alt-T which will bring up a window to assign tags.


Sorting occurs by platform, the sort preference doesn't migrate between them.


I scan into EN using an import folder and delete the originals.  I have 17k PDFs in EN and my trust is high.  Others may or may not share my view.  FWIW,

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