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The Mac Desktop app is slow (on mid-2009 iMac)



(I meant to send this as an email to support but apparently non-premium users can't email the company?)


The desktop app has been slow for me for several years.  Just now: I wanted to look up info in a note I knew I had.  I was at my iMac.  I hit my Quicksilver hotkeys and "eve"+enter to start up Evernote.  After that, I realized it would be a while, so I grabbed my tablet and opened the Evernote app.  I did a text search for words that I thought were in the pertinent note.  I found the note (a large text note--notes from a 3-hr lecture), and skimmed it manually until I found the info I needed.  All this happened BEFORE EVERNOTE HAD EVEN LOADED ON MY iMAC.  (Probably another 10s passed before Evernote was open on the iMac.)


I have a mid-2009 iMac.  Old, I know, but it's got decent processing power, and speed-wise, it is okay with most other applications.  But Evernote is always terribly slow.  It's the same on my 2013 MacBook.  Recently, I worked somewhere where I had a Windows (Lenovo) laptop.  The Evernote Windows app was great.  Even on a 4-year old laptop, it loaded fast and ran fine.  You guys, the Mac programmers over at Evernote, are doing something wrong.  Please start doing things right!!!



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