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what about letting users fix your bugs, to help Evernote

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I'm willing to work for FREEEEE on the side to help get my bugs and speed/ux features implemented....

is that called open source...the idea of letting users improve your product is the next 

best thing to working there..


We love Evernote and just want to help..


I am already checking out job postings and see where you guys need a hand..



but Im thinking the type of help where users fix bugs and contribue and you approve what was done is better..


and I'm super serious.


What do you think?


- Alwayz

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Evernote isn't an open source project. The whole value of Evernote, it's IP is its code. Allowing its code into the wild reduces the value of Evernote.

Also, managing and maintaining an open source project is very time consuming and if you are a commercial organisation quite expensive.

I really don't think this is ever going to happen.

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