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Copy/paste bugs



Currently if I copy text from a bulleted list and try to copy I only see a blank space added and a new list started; equivalent to hitting return.

Additionally if I paste text from outside the app into a bulleted list the bullet disappears. Also using the "backwards tab" action eliminates a bullet.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

On the plus side the split keyboard bug seems to have been fixed.

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I can confirm this bug, as I can recreate it using the above mentioned scenario.

In addition to that, sometimes if I bullet-list a section of text, it will just duplicate a bulleted list before it.

I wish I can take a video of what happens.

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I gather that a recent upgrade (6.0.9. beta 2) has actually fixed some editor problems in this area.  If you don't care to try the beta,  the release version should be along pretty soon...

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