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Scannable obsolete?



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I've given this answer somewhere recently - apologies if it was to you.  Scannable and Evernote (AFAIK) are being developed by separate teams,  so there will always be overlap,  but also some indpendant development.  If Evernote now meets your needs,  then yes,  fine,  uninstall (or don't use) Scannable.  If you want to stay current with all the latest stuff,  regard Scannable as a Beta test for Evernote features - I'd guess you'll see some stuff there before it makes it to the main app.  Entirely your choice.

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I've also posted this same comment elsewhere, but am posting it here for completeness.  From what I can see, I still prefer to use Scannable at the moment because scans are then saved as pdf attachments to a note, whereas from within Evernote they seem to be saved as images within the content of a note, which is less useful.

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