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Feature Request - Mini Calendar everywhere

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I have a feature request for a mini calendar.


I use Evernote for A LOT of my to do at work and for personal things.

I set the date that I start the task and a due date or complete date for the task.

I have to go to other calendar app to find out what date in a week or month is the date I want to input.


Here is the example of what I am doing now with my to do task: 


Task: Custom colors with .........

 [ check box ] Start: 4/3/15    <-------- ( I need a mini calendar to help me select the starting date )
 [ check box ] Assigned to: Person #1, Person #2, Person #3
 [ check box ] Complete:  ?????   <------ ( I need a mini calendar to help me select the due date or complete date )


 [ check box ] Training for .......



The goal is to .........
Help people to .........



I want to have a mini calendar tool, so I can click on it and set the dates easier.

Or even just right click and pull out the mini calendar to start picking dates. 

If the calendar function can be used in Reminder, we should able to see it along side the text editing tools as well.





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Hi - Evernote hasn't made any moves towards task management other than to set up Reminders,  which may or may not indicate continuing development in that direction.  Most folks (I think) use a separate task management tool,  or a separate Calendar app such as Sunrise https://calendar.sunrise.am/ which will display reminders as well as other tasks and events.  Evernote could decide not to offer more resources since they're being catered for eslewhere.

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Thanks for the reply.


I understand Evernote is only a note taking application with many uses.


Reminder serves no purpose to me as I check my Evernote all the time.

To me, I think reminder is more of a task management function than adding a mini calendar.


I am not asking to add Task Management functions to the Evernote. I do not want a full function calendar within Evernote.

I am simply asking for a easier way to input datas, such as calendar dates. To make note taking process more efficient.


Note taking is what Evernote is all about.

I don't think it is a good idea to ask other appliation to do Evernote's work.

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I have a feeling Evernote is trying to build a whole ecosystem with partners based on Evernote's customers.

That's why we see all these services popping up that do things people want Evernote to be able to do.

(Task management, calendar, e-mail import/export, the lists goes on)


I totally understand that no one app can do everything on its own.

But with all the competition out there (etc. Microsoft One Note), making Evernote stronger as a stand alone app is the only way to stay on top of the game.

I hate to see Evernote looses his customers then realizing to source out functionalities to other services is not a smart direction.


Imaging when these task management services add note taking functions with multiple platform sync ability, who is going to stay with Evernote?

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