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Livescribe Premium Free Trial

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I recently purchased a Livescribe Pen, and it's supposed to come with a free trial for Evernote Premium. I thought I purposely did NOT activate the free trial, because I wanted to wait till I had time to test out all the features. Now, I just received an alert saying that I only had 7 days left on my free trial. So, I went in and tried to access a few of the features, specifically, the context feature, where it shows me how my notes are relevant to web based content. I can't seem to find this feature, and I'm inclined to think my free trial, while it has been ticking away, isn't actually activated. 


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The thing with Context is that you need a fair amount of notes for any cross references to show up among your own notes. Also, make sure that you have the context sources you want checked on your account summary page (on the web). It depends on your client... but on Windows desktop you can go to Tools > Options > Context ... and tinker with the configuration there, including a link to "Manage Context Sources". 


Either way, the best way to see what your account status is: Go to your Account Summary page.


Other than that, to see if Premium has kicked in, you might want to hit the Presentation Mode (Premium feature) button in any note toolbar... You could also check your monthly upload limit (Usage icon) in the top toolbar on the desktop client. Premium users get a 4 GB monthly upload limit. 


Try one of the above and report back... but I'd say the Context feature is a tricky one to gauge whether you're currently on Premium.

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ok, when I go into Account settings, it says I've got a max of 60MB under monthly usage. However, I can't access any of the context sources options in the web version. On my desktop version, when I go to preferences, and select "Context", it asks me to upgrade to Premium.  

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60 MB of monthly upload is for a free user account. You haven't been upgraded yet. Can you send a screenshot of the alert you got, if possible? If you hadn't taken any action then most likely you were never upgraded. 


You can submit a ticket here:




Select "Payment or billing issue" from the drop-down menu and complete the process.


Keep in mind that we're in the middle of the Easter period... so you'll have to sit tight for a number of days to hear back from CS. You can also post your ticket number here and I'll flag it for you... but still it'll be a few days until an Evernote employee gets back to us here and expedites your case.  

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ok, so I just tried to recreate that alert, but I can't. I will keep my eyes peeled in the next few days to see if it pops up again. I also don't remember if I saw it on my laptop, browser or iPhone. =/ Sorry. 

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