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open note in new window + sleep = white screen


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I'm a new Evernote user, and love it. My only problem is that, if I open a note in a new window (Windows 7, desktop version of evernote), and then put my laptop to sleep, when I wake it up, I have a white screen that doesn't do anything.  The only way to get out is to ctrl-tab to a different window, right click on the evernote window, and close it.


any recommendations?

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Hi.  Recommendation:  don't open a note in a new window and then sleep your laptop.  Presumably what's happening on wakeup is that Evernote is the front and centre screen presence and is queryting your hard drive to find the note to which the display relates. Since several other things are also checking the HD at the same time,  this takes a while.  Meantime you get a whiteout.

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Thanks gazumped.


A couple of things

- the white screen never goes away until I kill the window as described.  So I think it's not just a matter of waiting for the hard drive

- also, even if the original window is small, the white screen I get always takes up the whole screen -- without even a menu bar.It's almost as if it's trying to display in full screen mode.

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Hmmn.  A screen white-out like that sounds like a 'go away and don't bother me' message from Windows.  Try opening Task Manager to its "performance tab" and shrink the window just to the activity indicators.  Leave that on screen when you sleep the device.  It should show you anything that's maxed out on wake-up..



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Funny.  I rebooted my machine and now I can't replicate the problem anymore.  You must have been right about something happening in the background.  (I had also played with presentation mode of evernote when I first downloaded it, and I wonder if that wasn't stuck on something...)


anyway, hopefully it doesn't come back.  thanks for your help!

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I've been having the same problem.  I'm running multiple monitors (2 samsung + Lenovo Thinkpad screen) on a new install of Windows 7 and whenever I shut the laptop lid or wake the computer up from hibernate I have a white screen as described above.  


Atttached are are some details from the task manager ( I don't know how to get to the task manager screen above).  As you can see there appear to be 3 versions of EvernoteNW.exe running.  




The below photo is of the applications tab from task manager right after shutting the laptop screen and having the white screen pop up.   




I quit all Evernote processes in task manager and started Evernote up and it seems to eliminate the problem.  I also noticed that the EvernoteNW.exe process is not running after restarting the program so I suspect that is the root of the problem.  


What is EvernoteNW?  And if it is important for the program, any ideas what is going on or how to make the white screens stop? 




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EvernoteNW.exe is a group of processes that run the annotation and presentation mode features. They should go away when you fully quit Evernote by File->Exit or CTRL+Q. If not, you can manually kill all of the EvernoteNW.exe processes and then restart Evernote.
You may see this issue if you use pre-release builds of presentation mode. Did you have presentation mode enabled when you saw the issue?
Sometimes more than one process will be running - killing one of them should also kill the others,  but you should make sure all are gone before restarting Evernote.  
Again:  this should only be an issue in pre-release builds of Evernote -- please let us know if you see this on public releases. 
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