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Scale Images to Printable Area

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I have found a few topics floating around online regarding this very issue, but they are ethier old and were purportedly fixed in the next release, applied to Mac users or the solution simply did not work, or did not work as desired.


Problem: When printing from the Evernote Windows Version (v: the images that are embedded in my notes do not scale in my notes which creates two main problems:

  1. I can only see a portion of the image
  2. The partial image prints over multiple pages

I have found two work-arounds

  1. When I go to the advanced settings for the printer and set the scaling to about 25% it seems to print the images as desired but prints the text too small to read, which is also unacceptable.
  2. When printing using the web-app the images scale properly and the text prints properly (yay!), but the print is lacking full header that is printed in the windows software. Better than nothing though.

It would be wonderful if I could print directly from the windows app with the images and the text scaled properly. 

I do not think of a very clean and polished piece of software that would require me to dig deep in to my individual printer settings to simply print the note (in paper or digitally) with the images scaled properly. 

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I'm running Windows 5.8.13 and this is still a huge issue for me. I use Evernote to scan in receipts as PDFs, and i'd like to be able to print out a specific set of receipts. I can't find any way to make the notes scale down to a single page without opening and printing each individual receipt separately in Acro. It seems like people have been dealing with this issue on Mac and Win for years, so I have to believe that there is a solution that I have just missed.Has anyone had any luck resolving it?

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This was fixed and working well for me in June 2016.

Then is was broken again and now it does not work (version making printing for me useless.

I cannot any more send around PDFs of my notes.

I have submitted a ticket (Ticket 1925390) and I hope that something will be done, but the ticket has been closed "as escalated".

Ticket should be closed when solved, not when escalated!!!!! No QA responsible there?

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