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Where does evernote store all it's data, as it is not adding up



I am aware of the different locations that EN stores data, depending on if you got the app from the App Store or downloaded it from the website. I get the impression EN would prefer you use the download from their site and not the one in the sore.  If that is the case, why not follow the lead of a few other developers and pull your software from the store an    not have to worry about these sandboxing rules for an app that has such low risk of jumping outside that sandbox.


I believe I downloaded EN from the store as I do have data in "containers".


So far, aside from logs, which EN does put in system.log, and aside from the *many* crash logs that make their way to my laptop either directly from the Desktop App or from transferring the crash logs from my phone, or from sending the crash logs as part of a support request feature in the app.  Nice feature by the way.


As you can see in the account info screenshot I have paid for the month and have more than the default storage as I ran out the other night. I am a new user and just started filling EN up.


But the two Get Info windows, which are the only locations that I can find where EB data is stored, which concerns me as does that mean that the pDF bank statements I put into en are not really in there, but just linking to a low resolution poxy of file:/// stye link? My bank statements were in a bank-data.sparse bundle that had a strong password.  I don't even have to delete those, I just have to put the disk image away after using it. Which I did, and EN seems fine.  But where the hack are all the .pdf files I added?


The two Get Info Windows, 57KB + 3.1MB and that is over 102 items. I would honestly have a hard time making 103 items to add to enroll and keep it under 1-3 items, and have even received warning that the one note I was machining would exceed the max value a note can accept. That is only 3.157MB in total. I added at lest 50MB of photos the other day, where in the heck are those?





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The the location for you currently installed Evernote app, See Location of Evernote Data Folder for EN Mac  


For a comprehensive listing of locations, see this blog by Christopher Mayo.


I have learned that EN Mac uses more storage on the Mac that it does in the EN Cloud.  On the Mac it creates additional files to facilitate search and display of data.  In particular, it creates PDF files for each PPT file you have in order to display it inline.

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