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Keyboard shortcut: How to navigate to evernote text after pressing F6 and searching


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Step 1: When I need to search for a note with a partcular keyword, I press F6 and the focus moves to the search window. 

Step 2: Then I type the search keyword and the list of notes is modified to reflect all the notes that ahve the keyword

Step 3: Also the first note in the list is highlighted


Now, I need to move to either the note list or the note  . But there is no way to move the focus. I tried escape , Ctrl + Enter etc to no avail. This just kills the use of F6 for search window. If I have to use a mouse to come out of the search, then I may as well use it to go to it.


Please advise

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Yeah, tab seems to move the focus from search to note title to notebook to note list back to search.  Enter after you are at note title will put you in the note.

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