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Note 4 and Note pro 12.2 sync locked notes?

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Hi all,

I can't seem to sync notes locked on on or other of the two devices. Is this normal.

All unlocked notes seem to sync ok.

I'm using Evernote as my samsung account refuses to syn anything???



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Hi.  It's not possible to 'lock' notes in Evernote.  Are you using a Samsung app to record the notes,  or Evernote Android?

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I'm using the the Snote app on my Galaxy Note to make the notes.

If i password one of them for what ever reson it will not sync to Evernote.

The passsword protection is already applied before i  try to sync it.

Bit of a shame, it would be use ful for me.

They don't contain nation secredts just my personal diary and jottings



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The SNote app and Evernote aren't (AFAIK) integrated to that extent - you can sync notes,  but only with basic formatting.  SNote locking and Evernote encryption aren't interchangeable - you could encrypt a note once synced,  if you flag it in some way to allow a quick search,  and the contents are standard text.  

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Many thanks for the advice.

I've swithced to using a program called foldersync and now sync both locked and unlocked snotes via my dropbax account.

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