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Is SCANNABLE necessary with the new camera update 2015/04/02?



As a rule, I use Scannable and send it directly to Evernote. Now I have the same instant processing camera via Evernote App. So is Scannable even necessary now?

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Scannable tweaks are being incorporated into Evernote-the-app,  so if you're happy that Evernote does everything you need,  you could delete Scannable.  Development of the two isn't exactly duplicated,  so one or the other might edge ahead for a while.  Your choice entirely whether or not to save the space.

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A more complete answer at the moment seems to be that: if you use Evernote, the image seems to get saved as part of the inner content of a note as an image.  Whereas with Scannable, you can save the image as an pdf attachment to a note, which seems more useful.

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While it is, perhaps, a bit puzzling that they are duplicating a lot of features between the core and standalone apps, having scannable as a standalone application does mean that you can use it to scan things you don't intend to send to Evernote, or even if you aren't an Evernote user at all. This is a fairly big advantage for me since I use Evernote only for a subset of my needs, often scanning things for use in other applications. The flexibility offered by having scannable as a standalone option is welcomed, not the least because its a pretty damned good scanner (though it is not actually my go-to scanner). 


That being said, some of the product-related decisions really do make Evernote's product development trajectory look somewhat confused and uncertain, from an outsider's perspective at least.... 

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