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(Archived) tags created on desktop not shown in android app


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I’m having a bit of trouble with tags. It appears as though tags I create with the desktop software (version do not appear on the android app (version 1.3, updated this morning, running on a Motorola Droid). For example, I created a text note called “Test” and I tagged it as “personal” on the desktop. When I open that same note on the android app and select ‘note info’ there is no tag associated with the note. If I select ‘append text’ I have the option of selecting a tag from a list, but the only tags listed are ones I created in the android app. Interestingly, if I type in a tag as a search term the app finds the correct notes so I think the information is there.

I’m a noob with evernote so there’s a good possibility that the problem is operator error. I’d appreciate if anyone can help with this.

Great software by the way. I’m already using it far more than I expected!

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I have the same problem with the latest Evernote Windows client and latest Android client. Thus, for instance, when I pull up a note created on desktop/web that's already tagged and edit it on Android, it clears all the tags that were already associated with it. This makes editing notes (e.g. grocery lists) totally impractical on Android because I'll lose whatever tagging I've already done. Note that even after editing and retagging a note in the Android client, the next time I pull up that same note on Android there are no tags displayed.

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