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Enhance readability. Use swiping left or right for prev, next note.



Without doubt Evernote is a most wonderful product.


I was thinkiing that for people with a phone or a tablet device it would be nice to be able to proceed to the next or previous note

in a set by merely swiping the note to the left or right. 


It seems to take too many steps right now to merely see the next note on a phone or tablet.


We are enthralled with Evernotes good works!




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Hi.  That's maybe a good suggestion,  though many of my notes aren't sequential pages - I clip a piece from random website #1,  copy the details of a new purchase #2,  take a picture of a spare part for my car #3 and make a reminder for a doctor's appointment #4.  I won;t be 'reading' through those separate notes - they're about radically different subjects.  But I can see that if I found 10 notes after a search,  it would be good to page through those notes to find the correct one(s) I need for a particular purpose...

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I like the idea. I couldn't imagine I would use it for every notebook, but for my default notebook it would be ideal for when I am sorting out where new notes/clippings/emails go and if they get tagged etc.

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Wiping is reserved for moving contents inside the note window.


My suggestion is adding two buttons (up/down) to the pop-up button lists (activated by the big "+" button) to facilitate switching between notes quickly.

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