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Android Evernote Premium notification won't disappear

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Ever since my HTC one m7 device upgraded its android system to lollipop 5.0.2, I've only been able to see my notes through Evernote. As a new user to this application this took some getting used to but all things considered I've grown pretty fond of the application. There's this one problem that irks me though: in my notifications bar (of my phone itself), I keep getting this recurring Evernote notification saying (freely translated from Dutch to English): "Subscribed to Premium" and then in subtext "edit Premium settings". Now I'm not a premium user, nor do I want to be, and thus I'd like to see this notification gone. I can swipe it off for a while but no matter how often I do that, it just keeps coming back. I've looked through the settings and tried to make a few alterations but none of them seem to do the trick. Any help on how to get rid of this would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to delete evernote as I want to be able to view, edit and create notes and would rather not download another application to do so.

It looks like this on my phone



Thanks in advance.

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I recently upgraded to premium on my note 4 with lollipop. Evernote keeps showing the prompt to upgrade to premium within the app and within my profile, meanwhile my notifications and email notices have confirmed I'm a premium subscriber. Definitely some bugs to burn here.

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In order to get this resolved, you will need to reinstall the Evernote application.

Before reinstalling Evernote for Android, make sure to copy the contents of each unsynchronized note somewhere outside of the Evernote app. Any unsynchronized notes (notes marked by blue corners) and photos are deleted when you reinstall the Evernote app. To save any unsynchronized photos to the Gallery, simply tap the Options menu (three dots) and select Save to Downloads. If you're an advanced user and have many unsynchronized notes, contact Evernote Support. To uninstall and reinstall Evernote for Android, follow these steps:
Open the Play Store
Search for Evernote, choose it, and tap Uninstall
Restart your Android device
Download Evernote from the Play Store
This worked for me and I don't get the notification any longer.
The credit for the solution goes to Matt from Evernote Support.
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Hi.  Does your app say you're a premium user?  It may help if you sign out of the app and sign back in.


Thanks Gazumped and Mrozin ( sorry my auto correct said something else before this edit :-/) that worked as recommended by support with the ticket I opened.  Signing Out and back in works with no re-install or device restart was required.  Just make sure to Sync your notes before signing out otherwise they will get lost. :-D

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