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Feature request: "Open this note on Web" for Mac and Windows

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What might be a nifty little feature on the desktop clients, is if under a note's information or the right click context menu... or anywhere in the vicinity of a note, one could "Open this note on Web", which would open that note in your web browser. Each note already has its own unique URL which is easily accessible if you are logged in to your web client.


There may be a number of possible applications for opening a note currently being viewed on desktop in the web client...

  • Lately I've been wanting to email notes to those who don't have Evernote accounts... on desktop. Windows has a nice little email icon which you can drag to the top toolbar. All one does is select your note(s) and then hit the email button. Thing is that the Windows desktop client (not sure about Mac) cannot access one's email contacts.
    • On the web clients, one can email notes using your Gmail contacts (You can't argue with the aesthetics of this particular interface):


  • Shift to the exact same note in a distraction-free work space, which the Web Beta was apparently designed for. I might predominantly want to do some of the heavy lifting on desktop... but then, on occasion, I might want to focus on writing... and the Web Beta's beautifully minimalist interface may be the right fit for select use cases. Writing is a more practical affair too: A text editor comes into view immediately below any text one highlights. Click on the following image to see better proportions:











* Compare with this piece of Windows desktop delight:






I have the sneaky suspicion that there may be a couple more applications for wanting to open a note being viewed on desktop in either the current release web client or the newer web beta. Perhaps more frequent real-time syncing of precious material... who knows? That's not really my area  :P

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