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Premium user's selected offline folder use, to optimize on-device storage


I actually only signed up for Premium status so I could carry some subset of my notes with me, reliably available even if offline.


Obviously, it doesn't take but a few attachments (pdf, photos, etc) to strain the internal storage of my iPhone.


Seems the only way to distinguish the LARGE notes I want to only read in the cloud, from the small notes I want to carry around like in my old Palm Pilot days is with separate folders, like:


- Med-Educ (incl attachments) NOT offline

- Med-Educ (w/o attachments) offline

- References (incl attachments) NOT offline

- References (w/o attachments) offline

Is there a simpler way?
Actually, as I type this, I recognize that I can make sub-folders... so References are together but sorted into separate storage options.
Any better ideas?
- GG

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No better ideas, I think you get it.  Notebooks are how you segregate notes you want fully downloaded to your IOS device.  To be sure all of the notes have been fully downloaded I would recommend setting General - Auto-Lock to Never and then starting an EN sync.  When it is done you should have the contents of all of the offline notebooks on your IOS device.  After that a normal sync should work.  This has been my experience in any case.


Remember your other notes are still accessible if you have a WiFi or Internet connection, they just get downloaded real time.  Notes that get downloaded in real time stay on your device for some period of time.  EN has some "secret" process for keeping/removing the contents for these notes.  By the same token if you change a notebook to not offline from offline, it will take a while, can't be more specific than that, for the storage to reappear on your IOS device.

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GG you have understood things perfectly. I have a range of notebooks so I can pick which topics are offline on which devices.


A secondary consideration is that your sync all occurs to the servers - I have two computers, an iPad and an iPhone all of which have to sync so the more offline folders I have, the more load and the less chance of a sync completing in time. This appears to have got worse in the last year, either because of poor iOS app quality or server decisions.


It is dangerous to assume anything is available offline until you've turned off cellular data and wifi and checked to see if it is still on your device. See this thread for more comments.

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