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EN Mac Sync Error Notification



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EN Mac Sync Error Notification

EN Mac 6.0.6

Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks


I got quite a chuckle out of this popup notification I got earlier today when I clicked on the Sync button:




I appreciate the intent of the message, to provide me with info to help resolve the error, but the info provided is, ah, somewhat lacking.   ;)


I is clear, however, that sync failed.  Fortunately I knew the problem:  Internet outage.


So the message should/could have been:  "Unable to connect to the Internet.  Restore Internet service and try sync again"



The message at the top of the window seems a bit premature, and draconian:

"To resolve this error consider exporting any unsynchronized notes then permanently delete the problematic items..."


This is probably not a problem for the more experienced users.  But for less experienced users it could lead them down the wrong path.


Evernote:  Please consider rewording this message, and add in a check/message for Internet Outage.





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Thanks for the reply, @GB.


What a coincidence!  (and I don't believe in coincidences).


My ISP had a major outage early today (5am CDT), so I thought that was the cause.

But, after I kept getting the same error as above after the ISP service was restored, I started checking and found that now the Evernote Service is down.


But this really makes my point in my OP:  You need a better error msg.

Now the msg should read:  "Evernote Service is down.  Please see status.evernote.com for details."

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