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You might take this to be excessive, but I think it would be really useful and it would help me be more organized. If there were folders to be created underneath the “Notebooks” category to organize a chunk of notes within a notebook then I could delegate certain notes together under the confine of a certain notebook. For example, I have a notebook entitled “Papers” and I would like to bring together different notes that I’m working with for one specific paper. I have a note for my bibliography, a note for a paper outline, and a note for just research notes but they’ll all be a little confused in the mix of all my other papers under that notebook. Could you create this setting? Just a thought. Thanks.

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I do this with a tag for each project. After tagging each note, I put a shortcut for the tag in the sidebar. Any time I want to see all the project notes -- just click and there they are. It's the same as having a separate folder, except that all the notes can be in different notebooks (Action, Reference, Receipts, etc), and when the project is done, I just delete the tag. I don't have to refile the notes because they are already in the appropriate notebooks.


You can make notebook stacks by dragging a notebook on top of another. It's not hierarchical, but it keeps several notebooks together.


There has been a lot of discussion on this forum about hierarchical organization by means of nested folders, and the suggestion has been made many times, but this does not seem to be in Evernote's plan. You can search the forum for discussions about this if you are interested.


Personally, I find tags more flexible. 

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I believe the "setting" you are looking for is called "Tags"...

  • Tag associated notes with a tag of your choosing
  • When you need to call up those specific notes within that notebook, you could filter by that specific tag in numerous ways on the different clients.
  • You are absolutely right, you do need this sort of dynamic to stay better organized. 

There is tons of information here on the forums on tagging. Welcome!!

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