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Why does evernote add shortcuts to the shortcut list, thats annoying



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Correction Apparently when i drag a note over a notebook, if it is not on the target then it goes to shortcuts. It totally shouldnt do that. It should only go to shortcuts if I drag it to shortcuts.


Also their should be a highlighted indicator when u mouseover a note book while dragging a note so that i can be sure i am hitting the target.

Make the hot spot bigger. Evernote otherwise i click and drag a few times to to get the note in the notebook.

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Does the happy dance.


I am so THRILLED to say in between the time I sent this post and now... it is now MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to drag a note over a notebook.

now before you drop the file.. the targeted notebook highlights so you can see where it was going to.


I never saw this before and  the only thing i did was update my mac from 10.8 to 10.10..


Maybe the feautre was os specific thing... so more notes not going where you want them..


Kudos to evernote

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