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My paragraphs no longer line up in page

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I just copy % pasted some text from a website onto my note, but this caused the page to widen so i deleted said pasted text, but now the whole page of text does not fit into the borders unless i reduce the size with

Ctrl + , but abit to small text for the eyes. 


Is there a way to go back to before, where my text fitted nicely into the page borders?


Thanks for any help


PS, any link/instructions about how to copy & paste one of my Evernote's into Windows notepad much appreciated.

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Possibly the HTML of the page you copied from is getting in the way... so on Windows, after copying a selection, you might want to paste by using Ctrl+Shift+V, which will remove the formatting as you paste. I think you're working with the Web client... and this shortcut also works in the Chrome browser at least.


If you've downloaded the Desktop Client, you could also try the following after clipping to Evernote (Win+A on Windows Desktop):


  • Place the cursor anywhere in your note body
  • Ctrl+Space - to simplify formatting of entire note
  • Ctrl+Shift+Space - to remove formatting of entire note

If you want to remove or simplify the formatting of select portions of your note, select those portions and use the above keyboard shortcuts.


That might help to have your text fit within the note borders without having to expand the note.

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Cheers for that csihilling.


I noticed that when i copy & pasted from Evernote to Notepad i would not save unless i saved it using ''unicode'' rather than ANSI.


Can someone explain what is going on there?



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