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Using EN with Sanboxie causes loss of text and graphics


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I use EN 5.8.3 with Win 7.


Up till one week ago, I used Kaspersky Internet Security and Malware Byes AntiMalware. These were "always on", real time. But due to performance issues related to KIS and MBAM, I want to try Sandboxie. If Sandboxie is satisfactory, my plan is to use KIS and MBAM only "on demand". All real time options would be disabled.


If I run EN in Sandboxie, only the title is persistent. If I enter text and graphics, then switch to another note, then back to the first note, the text and graphics have disappeared. This is repeatable.


I tried synching before switching notes. No success.


As a final test, Evernote works OK outside Sandboxie.


So, my question is:  Would it be safe to run EN out of the sandbox, but with no real time protection?


I'm not a techie, but is it possible for sync traffic to be intercepted and hacked?


I contacted Evernote forum about 24 hours ago. They are normally very prompt in responding, so obviously the usual people are unable to help.


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