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Transfer notes to new device

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We were using Evernote on an ipad purchased four years ago. Recently upgraded and purchased a new ipad, installed Evernote (newer version than previous ipad). Only notebooks game over when synced, cant get the notes to transfer to new ipad. Any advise.

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Often this issue is caused by not using the same Evernote account on all devices.

Double-check to make sure you are using the Evernote UserName/Account.


On your OLD iPad:

  1. Make sure you have a connection to the Internet (cellular or wifi)
  2. Do a manual sync
  3. Make sure all Notes have properly sync'd
  4. Record a count of Notes by Notebook for comparison later
  5. Make note of the Evernote UserName/account

On a PC or Mac

  1. Login to EN Web at Evernote.com using the same UserName/account
  2. Confirm that all of your Notes appear here.
  3. If they do not, they will not appear on your new iPad

On your NEW iPad

  1. Make sure you have a connection to the Internet (cellular or wifi)
  2. Double-check to make sure you are logged in using the same UserName/account
  3. Do a manual sync
  4. Confirm all your Notes appear
    1. If the do not, do a detailed comparison Notebook by Notebook to ID the missing Notes

If are still not seeing all your Notes on your new iPad, check the Activity Log on both iPad for clues:

Evernote > Settings > Support > Activity Log

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Thank you for reply. Did all above.

-Connected to wifi

-Logged in with same username/password

-Manual sync (pressed sync icon)

-Notes DO NOT appear, only the folders transferred but no contents.

There is a lot in activity log, but nothing that makes any sense to me.

Any suggestions?

I just uploaded Evernote on iPhone, and everything transferred.

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Dorothy, have you tried deleting the app and downloading at again from the App Store?


Generally that's a good idea Frank, but if she has unsync'd notes on the iPad she will lose them.

I would NOT delete the iPad app until you see ALL notes properly sync'd using EN Web.

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Yep... you're right. Dorothy did mention that she couldn't get any notes to transfer... but I hadn't thought of the possibility that new notes might still have been created. Good catch @JMichael.

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