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Remove OS X (Yosemite) tags from documents stored in Evernote

Steven Jackson




I am a recent subscriber to Evernote Premium and have a uploaded around 1500 documents, most of which are PDFs.


All of these documents were previously stored in my OS X Yosemite Documents folder and had been carefully tagged.


Since moving to Evernote, I have created a completely new - and better - tagging system.


Annoyingly, though not surprisingly, the tags I had previously used in Finder are still attached to the documents buried deep in the Evernote file system. Spotlight still finds these tags when performing a search.


I do not wish this to happen.


Is there a way to remove OS X tags from all the files stored in Evernote?


I'm hoping there might be a way to do some sort of finder search that will find all my Evernote documents and allow me to remove their tags with one click...


Any help much appreciated.



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