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Doxie scanner won't send to Evernote anymore


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Hi All,


I bought a Doxie one recently and scanned a lot of documents (administration). Most of it (131 the be preciese) have been send to evernote, devided over multiple notebooks. Some of them in de Evernote cloud, but some personal stuff to local notebooks. But since a couple of days I cant send any new documents to Evernote.


When I click send in the Doxie software, Evernote launches and then Doxie says it has send to documents but they do not appear in the note folder in Evernote. I allready tried to reinstall Evernote but this didnt help, reinstalling doxie didnt help either.


In the Doxie software i also removed the Evernote link and after a reboot reconfigured it, but as you might have guesed this didnt solve my problem.


The folder it scans to is the default Evernote folder, one that is in the cloud. But i remove the documents withing a couple of minutes and place them in the correct notebook. Could it be that since i reached my upload limit for this month, it wont send to that default folder?


If so, can change it?

Or might there by another reason?


I hope you guys can help me out! Apologies for my probably not perfectly written Englisch, I'm Dutch so its not my native language.



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Hi.  It certainly sounds possible that you have reached your upload limit.  Why don't you check to find out?  Log in to EN Web here https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action and look at monthly usage.


If you have reached the limit you'll have the option to upgrade to premium for additional space,  or to create a Local Notebook (which is not synced to the web) to hold your scans until the limit resets.

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I have about 300 kb left :), so you could say i've reached my limit. It will reset in 11 days.


I have created a local import folder but how and where can i change that default folder setting? I can't find the option for changing the default import folder (neither in Evernote nor in Doxie software)

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Ah.  Sorry.  Set up an Import Folder on Windows desktop which is linked to your local notebook.  Scan to that folder from your Doxie,  and all scans should go to the right notebook.  Do a few test scans first though,  because when I set up this arrangement a while ago,  I found that files weren't being imported properly.  My scanner was creating a file to receive the scan,  and Evernote immediately tried to import it - even though the scan was still ongoing.  Evernote threw an error,  and the scanner finished its job - and my file just sat there unimported...


My fix was to scan to folder A,  do my edits / renames etc in that folder,  then bulk move those files into import folder B,  and thus into Evernote.  Slightly longer winded,  but it gave me a chance to correct small items without having to upload my scan twice.  Not relevant I know in a local folder,  but useful when you get back to normal operations..


Good luck with that!

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Sorry for the late response!


My computer crashed just after the 6th of April and i havent tested it with what you said gazumped. After reinstalling Windows + evernote and Doxie software, everything works again.


Thanks for your support.

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