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HELP - severe data loss. Might there be a local cache copy?


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Hello - I captured 30 images that took me forever to create using a webmapping application. For some reason Skitch was not syncing to Evernote, and now after signing out and in to try to fix the problem, I have instead lost ALL these files. I am desperately hoping these images are still somewhere on the computer, e.g. a local cache. I can't contact Skitch support chat because it is the weekend.


If anyone can help me try to recover this information I would be very, very grateful.


This type of situation makes me question the value of Evernote, if not it's name.





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Similar issue here. I lost all Skitch notes created this year while trying to get sync up and running again. 

(I'm using mac with latest versions of Evernote, Skitch and Yosemite.)


@geoteo, did you manage to locate your notes?

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I never got useful support from Evernote. However, strangely after rebooting my machine the images magically reappeared! The same original problem persists however - the images remain unsynced to Evernote and have a 'sync' symbol in the bottom right hand corner of each. I assume this means "sync pending" or something. But they never do.


I figured out the location of the *Skitch* cache where the images are located. This would be helpful to anyone who needs to seek out original, local images when Skitch goes wonky. The location can be found in the Activity Log using the class pathnames. It is likely, for most people on a Mac, here:


/Users/[..MacUserName..]/Library/Containers/com.skitch.skitch/Data/Library/Application Support/com.skitch.skitch/accounts/www.evernote.com/[..SomeNumber..]/pending/


[..XXX..] is my notation for "whatever it is on your machine".


If the *.png files aren't under "pending", you could try other folders in there.


Good luck! 

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