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Image quality on left hand side of scans


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I love Scannable, in particular it's ease of use and speed. Since it was released I find myself using my desktop flatbed scanner much less, and really only for more important documents. Scannable is great for receipts and documents of lesser importance.


However, I am finding that the resolution of text scanned on the left hand side of documents is poor. I am not sure if this is a function of my iPhone 6 camera, or Scannable itself. 


As a test, I have captured the same document in three different ways: 1) using the stock camera app on the iPhone 2) using the document camera within the iOS Evernote app and 3) in Scannable.


Certainly, the image saved with the stock camera app does show some signs of lesser resolution at the left hand edge, as does the EN app, it is much more pronounced in the Scannable image. Is anyone else having the same problem? Is this an issue with Scannable or my iPhone 6?


Captured with iPhone 6 camera app:




Captured with Evernote iOS app doc camera:




Scannable image:



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I agree with the quality issue - for me it is not really specific to a side of a document.  I can scan the exact same document in the exact same conditions and it will always come out far clearer by using the document camera in the evernote app.  But I love the quick ease of use of scannable to get my docs in quickly and move on.  I hope they clear this up.


In the mean time, the notification widget or an action in launch center pro works well enough.

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I would really love Scannable app on my iPhone 6+, except the quality of the photo is never as sharp as in the Evernote camera app, or in other scanning applications. It doesn't make any difference how I hold the phone. Hope they can get this resolved.

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