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My note appears as an empty edition on Android

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I usually use Evernote on PC (Windows 8) iPad (Ios) and LG G3 (android) with synchronization.

My concern is with the updating of certain notes: If I have no PC or iPad problem, I have the following problem on Android:

when I want to correct / update a specific note, nothingt appear (note as blank) and the insertion point is at the beginning!

While the same update on same note on PC or iPad ok. For lot of other Anbdroid notes it is ok.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you and good day.

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Hi.  Please don't edit your blank note,  because there's a danger that the 'empty' note will be saved back as an update and wipe out your original content.  I'd suggest you copy that note on a desktop and save the copy with a slightly different title - maybe TEMP-<orginal title> - and then look at the note on your Android after syncing both devices.  If you have the same 'blank' problem,  is the note a very long one,  or does it contain a large picture?  If you have a slow or intermittent network connection,  the Android might take a while to download the note contents (they're not kept on the mobile device).

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Hi and thanks,

but... I tryed what you said: duplicating, changing the name and reducing to 3 small lines: result is still the same : a "blank" note!!

May I send my (very small) note to somebody to make a test PC/Android???


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Hi again.  I think the next step is to uninstall Evernote on your phone,  restart the phone and reinstall Evernote.  If not even a few lines are showing up,  there's something more wrong than just a suspect note...

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